Hi, I am Kashif Shehzad

Mobile and Web Developer

" I am a freelance web and app developer from Pakistan šŸ‡µšŸ‡° and I have a great experience and strong command in these fields. I hope you enjoy the app, Have a good day. "


The convertingapp is a free file conversion tool, which provides you a lot of options to convert your audio, video and also image file types in a second. Its totally front-end and do file conversion into your browser (i.e chrome, safari etc). This is the main reason behind its 60x faster speed then other tools in the market.

Basically it has 3 main sections, which are as followes:

  1. Audio converter
  2. Video converter
  3. Image converter

With this tool you can convert the type of the file, meaning is that you can convert your audio file format into another audio file format and also same thing for video and image.

We are working on it and also will add other functionalities in it ASAP. Our future goal is that we will add video to audio, audio to video, images to pdf and a lot of other file conversion in it.

Hope you will like our effort, Have a great day : )